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The joy of code

Occasional essays on programs I’ve had fun writing or reading.

Generating a Table of Contents (Essay #43)

On writing code to make better course Web sites (or at least better Canvas sites).

When things go wrong (Essay #47)

Computers were not my friends tonight. Here’s the story.

Small scripts for indexing musings (Essay #53)

The joy of writing really small programs in Linux.

Playing with Processing, Example 1 (Essay #89)

A simple, yet interesting, animation.

The joy of code: Linking endnotes (Essay #144)

How I got the endnote links in these essays.

The joy of code: Command-line email (Musing #279)

Why I need nix mail, or at least nix outgoing mail.

The joy of code: Counting repeated words (Musing #282)

Synthesizing a simple shell script

The joy of code: Making acronyms (Musing #296)

Fun with Scheme.

Why Scheme? (Musing #431).

Explaining why Scheme should be joyful.

Class wrappers (Musing #560)

One of my favorite categories of design patterns.

Software for grading (Musing #593)

Writing my own (badly designed) software.

Pair programming with my class mentor (Musing #609)

A fun way to work.

Groking Ruby (Musing #622)

Not so much a joy of code as a joy of not-very-good but enjoyably strange code.

The joy of code: (Re)building my letterhead (Musing #642)

Way too much time on a not-very-necessary task.

The joy of code: A one-of macro (Musing #675)

Delayed evaluaton.

The joy of code: An Igpay Atinlay transformer, revisited (Musing #696)

Utatingmay Agespay.

Exploring code (Musing #701)

The joy of debugging code.

Upgrading unfamiliar software (Musing #707)

The joy of legacy code, particularly when deprecated becomes unavailable.

Scraping course schedule data (Musing #782)

Starting to think about the joy of data.

Quad search (Musing #828)

A strange alternative to binary search.

Computing the missing value (Musing #844)

YA stupid interview question.

Java code style (Musing #850)


Adventures in markup (Musing #852)

Code to translate code.

Proto musings: Coding experiences (Musing #880)

A happy memory of debugging plugins.

Learning new (programming) languages (Musing #896)

And some techniques I employ for doing so.

Closures (Musing #897)

A cool component of functional programming.

The joy of code: Experiments in cellular language generation (Musing #1120)

Maybe I should read the research literature.