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A new CSC 151 (and other aspects of CSC 151)

A new CSC 151 (Musing #348)

Thinking about the new version of the course.

A new CSC 151, revisited (Musing #405)

More thoughts.

Writing about documentation (Musing #439)

One of the sections I rewrote this semester.

A computer scientist’s perspective on introductory data science (Musing #448)

What should have been the introduction to the course.

Reflections on the new data-science-themed CSC 151 (Musing #724)

Notes as we prepare for a new section and a new version.

An introduction for the new digital humanities CSC 151, take zero (Musing #740)

Getting started on the new version.

A draft schedule for the new digital humanities CSC 151 (Musing #748)

Ordering the topics.

Designing a project for my digital humanities class (draft 0) (Musing #791)

A core part of the course.

An alternate project design for my digital humanities class (Musing #792)

Focusing on a single corpus.

A note to my Obermann colleagues in preparation for our upcoming seminar (Musing #794)

Some context for discussing the two project designs.

A grading rubric for one version of the FunDHum project (Musing #802)


Reflecting on the CSC 151 project at my fourth Obermann seminar (Musing #804)

The joy of feedback.

To compose or to pipe (Musing #808)

Rethinking a core topic.

Should I replace section with partial? (Musing #816)

Retinking another core topic.

How do I get into CSC 151? (Musing #883)

A common student question.

Documenting code with the Six P’s (Musing #892)

Teaching students to write.