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Reviews and notes about things I enjoy

Eventually, I’ll find that I’m out of serious topics and will instead start writing about some of the things that are meaningful to me, or at least provide joy. (Other than my family.) I’m starting a list. I’m also including some reviews here, since I generally only review things I enjoy.

Cyro Baptista and Banquet of Spirits (Essay #51)

Reflections on an awesome concert.

The Straight Dope (Musing #669)

Farewell to a favorite.

The Last Days of Jack Sparks (Musing #682)

Why did I decide to read a horror novel?

The Shakespeare Requirement (Musing #757)

Not as good as its predecessor.

The Association in concert (Musing #765)

Everyone’s favorite Big Chill cover band.

Michael Perry (Musing #777)

Humorist. Philosopher. Occasional downer.

Reading The Starless Sea (Musing #1048)

The Rebelsky Book Club continues.