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For prospective students, parents of prospective students, and others with similar interests

Studying CS at a liberal arts college vs. a large university (Essay #7)

A response to parents and prospectives who asked about the differences.

Grinnell’s CS department (Essay #8)

A response to students who ask about the differences between CS at Grinnell and CS at our peer institutions.

Some shorter questions and answers about Grinnell’s CS program (Musing #294)

Additional information about the department.

Grinnell’s Individually Advised Curriculum (Essay #24)

One of the highlights of a Grinnell education.

Grinnell’s Mission Statement (Essay #166)

The statement that guides a Grinnell education.

MathLAN: Grinnell’s Linux Network (Essay #52)

How Linux integrates with a Grinnell education.

Research in CS at Grinnell (2016 Edition) (Essay #59)

A short overview of student-faculty research, with some details about the topics from summer 2016.

Studying at Grinnell (Essay #182)

A more general comparison of Grinnell to its peers, reflecting on overall characteristics of the institution and the student body.

What kind of computer should you buy? (Essay #2)

A response to a recent question from a prospective student. Also a response to a question that I get way too often.

Why study CS? (Essay #33)

Computer science is an awesome discipline. Here, I reflect not only on some of the reasons that I study CS, but also reasons that students might want to study CS.

A draft MathLANifesto (Essay #238)

Some more thoughts about our approach to teaching.

Outcomes of a liberal arts education (Essay #248)

Why study at a liberal arts college?

A spectrum of international CS majors (Musing #273)

A short reflection on the variety of people you will meet in the CS department.

Summer research with students (Musing #292)

Why I offer summer research opportunities.

Self-studying computer science (Musing #1051)

I’d rather you take our classes, but here are some alternatives.

Preparing to do HCI (Musing #1052)

Study broadly.

Dear Grinnell students who want to take CSC-151 (Musing #1151)

Plan ahead.

What kind of computer should you buy? (2024 version) (Musing #1293)

I don’t know.