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For current students and others with similar interests

Contacting faculty members on behalf of students (Essay #1)

Some notes on my approaches to this complex topic.

Profanity in class (Essay #6)

Why I don’t use profanity in class, and why I don’t want my students to, either.

Convocation (Essay #9)

I think every member of the Grinnell community should attend Scholars Convocation. Here’s why.

Naming week 14 (Essay #22)

What (not) to call the last week of classes.

On the last day of class (Essay #25)

Reflections on the end of a class, and the end of the semester.

Infusing the college mission into the residential experience (Essay #26)

A reflection on one section of the initial list of recommendations from the task force on residential learning.

Musings on Self Governance (Essay #28)

Self gov is a central aspect of Grinnell’s academic and residential culture. This note reflects my own perspectives on self-gov. I may follow them with a more considered essay.

Why study CS? (Essay #33)

Computer science is an awesome discipline. Here, I reflect not only on some of the reasons that I study CS, but also reasons that students might want to study CS.

Friday PSA (Essay #44)

An extended version of things I say to most of my classes every Friday.

Research in CS at Grinnell (2016 Edition) (Essay #59)

A short overview of student-faculty research, with some details about the topics from summer 2016.

Remaining optimistic (Essay #14)

At a recent meeting of students and faculty about some campus issues, a student asked How, after fifteen or more years of trying to advocate for change, and seeing where we are, how can you keep trying? Here’s my attempt to answer that question.

Scholarship for all in CS (Essay #69)

Grinnell has begun a research for all endeavor, which the CS department is renaming scholarship for all in honor of the Boyer report. These are some preliminary thoughts on what the goal means and how we might meet that goal.

Notes for a talk on Scholarship Opportunities for All in Computer Science (Essay #99)

A followup to the previous essay, intended as a speech for a panel on a Faculty Friday.

What makes you happy vs. what you do (Essay #15)

Michelle showed me a Facebook post that said something like Make a list of the things that make you happy. Make a list of the things you do every day. Compare the lists. Adjust accordingly. That post inspired this essay.

Exit interviews (Essay #30)

The CS department’s favorite assessment tool.

Helping students with programming problems (Essay #32)

Some notes for our peer educators.

The Grinnell Prize (Essay #75)

Comments on a distinct part of Grinnell.

Thoughts for CS Majors on Studying Abroad (Essay #77)

Potentially an important element of your education.

Exploring the CS major, 2016 (Essay #97)

A draft of a speech to prospective majors.

A letter to our students (Essay #237)

Advice to students about letters.

Advice for students on interviewing (Musing #289)

The title says it all.

Tag your bike: Some advice to students (Musing #438)

This title says it all, too.

Starting a (CS) major in your fourth semester (Musing #815)

Not the best idea.