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Grinnellians you should know (or know about)

A month of Grinnellians (Musing #106)

An introduction to a series of essays on these folks.

A group of Grinnell students (Musing #110)

Some students I accompanied to a science symposium.

CS Alums (Musing #126)

Alumni back for the 2016 CS Affinity Reunion

Planning the next CS reunion (Musing #128)

Okay, this doesn’t really belong. But it’s indirectly about Grinnellians, so I’m including it here.

Writing about current students (Musing #130)

Or, more precisely, why I’m not writing about individual students.

Nominations for the Grinnell Lecture (Musing #908)

Too many awesome candidates.

Joe and baseball (Musing #946)

Preserving an anecdote about Joe Rosenfield ’25.

Brandy Agerbeck ’96 (Musing #127)

Graphic facilitator.

Sarah Anderson ’98 and Donna Dralus ’89 (Musing #61)

Campus Web gurus.

Ian Atha ’09 (Musing #58)

CS major, linguistics concentrator, entrepreneur.

Corlis Benefideo (Musing #786)

Mapmaker. Subject of a Barry Lopez story.

Terry Bisson ’64 (Musing #117)

Author, publisher, not-quite graduate.

Narren Brown (Musing #108)

Statistician, diversity consultant, generally great guy.

Doug Caulkins (Musing #122)

Professor Emeritus, Anthropologist, campus innovator.

Andrea Conner (Musing #637)

VP for Student Affairs. Changemaker.

W. Blake Creasey ’16 (Musing #134)

Thoughtful student (and now alum).

Monessa Cummins (Musing #109)

Outstanding teacher and colleague.

Doug Cutchins ’93 (Musing #121)

Mentor, advisor, caring Grinnellian.

Janet Davis (Musing #135)

Highly valued former colleague.

Hallie Flanagan ’11 (Musing #131)

Namesake of the Flanagan Theatre; transformative member of the American Theatre.

Grant Gale (Musing #123)

Physics professor, Noyce mentor, and more.

Megan Goering ’08 (Musing #107)

Former SGA president, innovative thinker, risk taker.

Harry Hopkins ’12 (Musing #119)

Brash reformer.

Jen Jacobsen ’95 (Musing #909)

Wellness czar. Change maker. Student advocate. And more.

Terian Koscik ’12 (Musing #129)

Artist, programmer, cartoonist, supporter of the next generation of computer scientists.

Lea Marolt-Sonnenschein ’15 (Musing #136)

Daughter (well, host daughter). Overachiever.

Elaine Marzluff (Musing #600)

Innovative science teacher, promoter of diversity, faculty leader, and friend.

J. Harley McIlrath (Musing #118)

Bookseller, author, generally great guy.

Jennelle Nystrom ’14 (Musing #76)

Art History and CS major, research assistant, SAC director, first-gen student, PM, and more.

Clair Patterson ’43 (Musing #783)

Chemist and change agent.

Sarah Purcell ’92 (Musing #116)

L. F. Parker Professor of History, Director of the Rosenfield Program, real Grinnellian, and more.

Samuel A. Rebelsky (Musing #137)


William Lloyd Rebelsky ’17 (Musing #398)


Dave Robinson (Musing #114)

CITO, woodworker, Ph.D. in Neuroscience (or something similar).

Joe Rosenfield ’25 (Musing #120)

Benefactor, Scout, and more.

Karen Shuman (Musing #125)

Division chair. Ally in the fight to improve Grinnell. Valued colleague.

Erik Simpson (Musing #111)

Professor of English. Digital humanist. Active faculty member. And more.

Adrienne Hardin (Musing #113)

Social media specialist and all-around great person.

John David Stone (Musing #133)


Henry MacKay Walker (Musing #124)

Mentor, architect of CS at Grinnell, educator, and beyond