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Reflections on some important issues

Preliminary notes on accessibility in the classroom (Essay #20)

Some sketchy thoughts as I get ready for a meeting about accessibility in the classroom.

Alcohol at Grinnell (Essay #42)

Thoughts about recent policy changes on alcohol use, and the broader problems of alcohol use on campus.

Microaggressions and safe spaces (Essay #60)

On my own experiences with microaggressions and what I draw from those experiences.

Diversity in computer science (Essay #63)

Why I make diversifying the discipline one of my priorities

Promoting diversity in computer science at Grinnell (Essay #67)

Because we value diversity in the discipline, we take a number of steps to recruit and support a wide range of students. This is my attempt to explain some of them.

Thinking the best of other people (Essay #55)

One of the best lessons I learned from Freda and Bill Rebelsky.

Dumb ways to address implicit bias (Essay #72)

Addressing implicit bias is essential. But there are smart ways to do so and not-so-smart ways to do so.

On faculty/staff relationships (Essay #74)

We should work together, but we’re too often at odds. A consideration of some obstacles and some ways we and the institution can help overcome those obstacles.

Shared governance (Essay #82)

Faculty, staff, administrators, and maybe even students working together to govern the College.

Shared governance, revisited (Musing #288)

Some followup discussions on shared governance.

Web Accessibility (Essay #92)

What you should pay attention to when building Web pages.

On the termination of Grinnell’s relationship with Posse, revisited (Essay #177)

An updated version of a much earlier essay.

Borrowed, used, downloaded (Essay #211)

A consideration of comparative ethics.

Work-life balance (Essay #212)

Way too many thoughts on finding harmony between the personal and the professional.

Class notes and note takers (Essay #223)

Thoughts on one type of accommodation.

Complaints about captioning, take 1 (Essay #226)

What were we thinking?

The white elephant in the room (Essay #227)

Surviving America.

Intent vs. impact (Musing #313)

Our words and how people interpret them.

Owning your privilege (Musing #316)

You know about your privilege, not others’.

Curmudgeonly fun (Musing #322)

Asking others to pay attention to Web accessibility and FERPA issues in Web hosting.

Complexity and simplicity (Musing #469)

Finding myself frustrated by reductionist approaches.

Shared governance (Musing #529)

Something Grinnell needs to work on.

Departmental initiatives to support diversity in CS (Musing #1062)

Many, but never enough