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Notes on the experience of musing. I didn’t add this category until after writing musing 650, so there are likely many meta-musings missing. I hope to link to them eventually. For now, most can still be found in the list of musings on writing.

On the genesis of Sam’s Assorted Musings and Rants (Essay #5)

Why I started this site.

On the form of these musings and rants (Essay #11)

Why I’m putting my essays on a Web site and not a ’blog or Twitter feed.

Following my muse (Essay #88)

How I choose what to write about each day.

Closing in on one-hundred essays (Essay #95)

Getting ready for some kind of milestone (or centistone).

My one-hundredth essay of the day (Essay #100)


Do you take requests? (Essay #140)

Thoughts on what I should do when readers request that I write about something.

Why are you doing this? (Essay #141)

An answer to a series of questions I received about these essays.

Removing another essay (Essay #145)

Reflections on the need to remove essays.

A few forthcoming essays (Essay #146)

Almost what it says. A potential preview of some upcoming essay topics.

Pursuing the serious, settling for the frivolous (Essay #156)

Why I’m recently been writing essays about myself rather than other topics.

An introduction to a month of technical essays (Essay #174)

A note for my regular readers on the month on Don’t embarrass me; don’t embarrass yourself.

Sam, you’re losing your audience (Essay #184)

A followup to a comment from a reader.

Writing on the road (Musing #266)

Why I didn’t get many essays posted.

My muse may be on spring break (Musing #269)

On not writing.

My muse is still away for spring break (Musing #270)

On continuing to not write.

Too many topics, too little time (Musing #300)

A potential new name for this collection.

Three-hundred and sixty-five musings (Musing #365)

Not an anniversary.

I don’t read your footnotes (Musing #385)

Then why read my musings? The end notes are the best part.

A new record? (Musing #393).

Something like five or six.

Eleven and one months of daily musings (Musing #399)

Starting new series.

Four-hundred musings (Musing #400)

Another milestone, or perhaps millstone.

What happened? (Musing #421)

An explanation for a week off of musing.

Wrapping up (Musing #426)

The last musing of a day of musings (or is that a day of musing).

One year of nearly-daily musings (Musing #433)

And a related anniversary.

On hiatus (Musing #455)

Pausing musing, not because I want to, but because I have to.

Why keep musing? (Musing #500)


Too much to write (Musing #520)

Why doesn’t the length of my list of topics to write about ever decrease?

Failing to muse (Musing #528)

One of those days that I just can’t write.

Missing fifty-five musings (Musing #538)

It appears that I don’t muse every day.

Choosing a topic (Musing #548)

My current strategy for choosing a musing.

The evolution of a musing (Musing #570)

From muse to musing.

A second anniversary (Musing #606)

Reflecting on two years since the first musing.

Whoops (Musing #616)

Forgetting the end-of-month musing.

An introduction to SamR’s musings for members of SIGCSE-members (Musing #636)

Some day I’ll write a real introduction.

An introduction to SamR’s Assorted Musings and Rants (Musing #643)

My latest attempt at proving context to the musings.

You can’t always write what you want (Musing #647)

Sometimes you might just find that you write what you need.

Back from vacation (Musing #661)

An explanation for a week of missing musings.

Musings you’ll never read (Musing #679)

A few that got away.

System downtime (Musing #687)

External constraints on musing.

Someone else’s musings (Musing #751)

I’m not alone in using the term.

More musings by others (Musing #754)

I’m not even the only Sam who uses the term.

Clearing cruft (Musing #771)

Dealing with the musings project.

Dreaming about musing (or vice versa) (Musing #785)

What is my subconscious trying to tell me?

Starting a new sketchbook (Musing #800)

A minor purge.

More musings I’ll fail to finish (Musing #820)

Some that were purged.

My muse takes a vacation (Musing #845)

One reason I wasn’t writing.

I’m back (I think) (Musing #861)

A return to writing (I hope).

Failing to rant (Musing #874)

Have I beomce too polite?

Prelude to my next musing (Musing #999)

What’s in a name?

Reaching One Thousand (Musing #1000)

An achievement, of sorts.

Musing 1024 (Musing #1024)

Going beyond ten bits. Or more than a buck and a quarter.

Comfortable structures (Musing #1046)

You should know what to expect.

Attempting to understand my readers (Musing #1056)

Sam trolls for comments and compliments.

Going on hiatus (Musing #1105)

It’s never good when my musings begin with a list of positives.

Considering a return from hiatus (Musing #1107)

Still undecided.

Musing Twelve Hundred (more or less) (Musing #1200)

I’ve written more than 1200. So does that makes this more or less?

I miss your musings (Musing #1216)

I’m not sure how to respond.