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Four-hundred almost-daily musings

This musing is number 400, at least under the numbering system that I seem to be using. It’s strange, I was so excited when I reached musing 100. I had musings that led up to it. I asked my readers to suggest favorites. I mused about the achievement [1,2]

Here we are, three hundred musings later, and it doesn’t fell like nearly the event. Why not? I don’t know. I’ve become less fond of celebrating multiples of five or ten. Now that I am far beyond 100, completing another musing, or another fity musings, no longer represents the same pinnacle of achievement that I’ve felt in the past. Rather, it’s just a small stage in a much longer journey.

What’s different? At one-hundred musings, it wasn’t clear that I would continue to write and, given that I stopped for the summer after musing forty, it seemed unlikely that I would continue. At this point, I have enough topics to write about and enough of a writing habit" that it’s likely that I will continue.

Will I celebrate 500 musings? One thousand? Maybe for the first queston. Almost certinly for the second (partial) question. Stay tuned to find out.

[1] Those musings were relatively short.

[2] At the time, I called them essays rather than musings. Is tat amusing?