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My muse takes a vacation

Topics/tags: Meta-musings, short

Starting about a week ago, I found that I was struggling to finish my musings. I was not inclined to complete any of the sketches that are in progress, and most of the new musings I tried to write would taper off before I could complete them [1].

When I sat down to muse a week ago, I found that I did not have the mental energy to make forward progress on any sketches, even some of the short ones. So I decided to write something new. I reflected upon a variety of topics. I considered ranting about parts of the College’s statements about the union. But that was the evening of the College holiday party; I didn’t deem it appropriate to rant that night, or perhaps any night during the holiday season. I pondered writing about the joy of seeing people at the annual holiday party. But I felt like I’ve written that before. And, I must admit, I didn’t know what I’d say other than I enjoyed the party and the pre-party [2]. And nothing in my list of prospective musings caught my eye.

So I started to write this musing. But I also ran out of energy [3] before I finished. At some point [4], I came to the conclusion that my muse had decided to take a much-needed vacation. So, rather than push forward on musings that I would find unsatisfying and, rather than making her [5] worry about the time away, I decided that I, too, could take a break. I even went so far as to spend four days AFK [6].

I’m back now. I think my muse is, too. At least I’ve been inspired to start a few new musings. But it’s clear neither of us has completely recovered from our respective vacations as I’m still having a bit of 8rouble completing each musing I start.

At least I finished this one!

[1] While that builds up my collection of sketches, I’m not sure that more sketches are a good thing.

[2] Yes, dear students, faculty members also sometimes have pre-parties.

[3] Or at least a sequence of ideas.

[4] I’m fairly certain it was before I even started this musing.

[5] In keeping with tradition, I gender my muse as female.

[6] Away from keyboard.

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