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Failing to rant

Topics/tags: Meta-musings, short

I regularly find things on campus that I feel compelled to complain about, from strange policies to miscommunication to failure to follow promises. As is my norm, I’ve found a variety of things that I’d like to rant about this summer. Even though I’ve started to write a variety of rants, I’ve later decided that each one was inappropriate to post. Some got pretty far; I even sent a draft of a nearly complete rant to some colleagues because the rant referred to them. They calmly explained why my perspective was wrong [1]. And so I’m not posting that rant.

I was also tempted to write about the administration’s unwillingness to post the slide decks [2] from public talks. However, an email to an administrator revealed their reasons for delaying publication until the fall. I still think slide decks from public talks should be distributed immediately after the talk [3], but what do I know. In any case, I’ll leave the detailed rant until the fall, and I hope not to have to write it.

I remain frustrated by some long-standing issues, particularly related to Web governance and privacy of P-Card data. Nonetheless, I’ve seen enough indication of progress that I consider it appropriate to wait a bit longer before I rant about those issues again. And, in at least one case, it feels like folks are listening to my suggestions [4].

I’m even holding off on critiquing the total failure of shared governance represented by the new computer equipment replacement policy [5]. Why? Because it sounds like our new Dean is on top of it. That is, she seems to understand that there were issues in the process, and she seems to be willing to address them. I should give her the opportunity [6]. As importantly, at first glance, the corresponding new software policy seems to have incorporated some shared governance.

But don’t worry; I’ll find something appropriate to rant about [7]. And I hope that, when I do, you find that it’s worth the wait.

[1] I agree that it was.

[2] Some might refer to those as Powerpoints.

[3] Or, preferably, before the talk. That would certainly be a good form of universal design.

[4] Don’t worry. If I find that the institution’s solution to either issue violates my delicate sensibilities, I’ll rant about it.

[5] Well, I’m not entirely holding off on that.

[6] I also probably owe her an introductory musing.

[7] Or about which to rant, for those who prefer that form.

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