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On teaching

Notes on teaching. These were orginally just my notes on teaching online, but they will soon expand to more general issues about teaching.

Making talking-head videos (Essay #46)

Short reflections on having to make talking head videos.

Academic honesty (Musing #311)

Or lack thereof.

Measurable course learning outcomes (Musing #495)

A recommendation from the Dean’s office.

Academic (dis)honesty (Musing #496)

And those it affects.

Excused and unexcused class absences (Musing #504)

Dealing with students who miss class.

Coarse-grained grading (Musing #506)

Looking at the big picture, rather than individual details.

Setting up a rhythm for CSC 322 (Musing #509)

Helping students by making weeks (or two-week blocks) follow the same pattern.

The evolution of CSC 151 (Musing #510)

How the course came to its current state.

Forgetting what I’ve written (Musing #513)

Did I already muse about using graders? I forget. In any case, this musing ends up serving as another explanation of why I use graders and an excuse to whine about my workload.

Updating course schedules for a new semester (Musing #516)

Unexpected complexity.

Updating course schedules for a new semester, continued (Musing #517)

Expected complexity.

Updating course schedules for a new semester, complicated (Musing #519)

Increasing the complexity.

Working in pairs on assignments (Musing #549)

A note to my students.

Pausing for breath (Musing #550)

A strategy for designing syllabi.

An ethics assignment for CSC 322 (Musing #568)

Designing a different kind of writing assignment.

The CSC 151 photo quiz (Musing #572)

One of my favorite quizzes.

Back-to-back classes (Musing #583)

Even more challenging for faculty than they are for students.

A draft of a potential ACM case study on the accessibility of online course materials (Musing #607)

A teaching resource, in progress.

Developing an alternate end-of-course evaluation (Musing #632)

Asking directly about College-wide learning outcomes.

Graduation 2018 (Musing #638)

Reflections on watching students graduate.

Checking in (a quick teaching tip) (Musing #652)

Reacting to absences.

Algorithms, data structures, abstract data types, formal languages, and the rest (Musing #666)

Considering the distribution of topics between courses.

Rate you professors’ … Hotness? (Musing #674)

Inappropriate but useful.

Extra-credit policies and wellness (Musing #709)

Making the implicit explicit.

Course SMURFS (Musing #742)

An alternative to course goals and course outcomes.

SamR’s sarcasm (Musing #745).

It’s time for a change.

Making a video lecture (Musing #762)

Outside my comfort zone.

Adding a basic needs statement to the course syllabus (Musing #843)

Communicating concern.

A draft schedule for CSC 207 2019S (Musing #846)

What goes where?

Updating my course webs (Musing #848)

Fun with technology.

Captioning animated GIFs (Musing #858)

Working on accessible assignments.

Pronouns (Musing #901)

Attempting to be inclusive.

Equity (Musing #913)

Different approaches and different models.

Further reflections on syllabus guidelines (Musing #925)

Learning from my friends and colleagues.

Synchronous or asynchronous? (Musing #1037)

Some initial thoughts.

Web-based software for making appointments (Musing #1045)

Software transitions.

Mock advising (Musing #1053)

Not as good as the real thing.

Getting sucked into the Microsoft ecosystem (Musing #1077)

Unintuitive, but integrated.

Constructionism (Musing #1079)

Grounding my scholarship.

Semisemesters or Septisepta or whatever we’re calling them (Musing #1081)

Lots of work, but how much?

Software for synchronous online face-to-face teaching (Musing #1090)

Revising our priorities.

A letter to my Tutorial students (Musing #1095)

Getting acquainted

A chicken and egg problem and other situations in software selection (Musing #1098)

Increasing complications.

Selecting courses (Musing #1099)

Would I be a difficult advisee?

Mastery grading (Musing #1112)

Trying to master a new kind of grading.

Reflections on remote teaching in Term Two of Fall 2020 (Musing #1121)

Looking back, looking ahead.

Teaching with Technology: Managing Multiple Meetings on Microsoft Teams (Musing #1123)

Ah, the joys of technology.

Cutting curbs and other thoughts on universal design (Musing #1126)

Not all universal design is really universal

An Awkward class design (Musing #1138)

Maybe I shouldn’t use my HCI class as a usability test.

Learning objectives for CSC-207 (2023Fa) (Musing #1244)

The task continues.

Scholars’ Seminar, Abbreviated (Musing #1245)

Things all faculty should know

Metacognitive wrappers, revised (Musing #1257)

Inspiration from Scholar’s Seminar.

Experiments in portfolio mastery grading (Musing #1261)

A good idea that needs some work.

Writing a lab (Musing #1274)

One of the many places my time goes.

Writing assignments (Musing #1277)

Another place my time goes.

Setting up class (Musing #1278)

So much to do.

Reflections on my teaching (Musing #1284)

What do I do?

Learning assessments (Musing #1288)

Assessments, objectives, outcomes, goals, and the ilk.

My current approaches to mastery grading (Musing #1290)

I’m still working to master it.