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Topics/tags: Autobiographical, short

I did not post a musing yesterday. There’s a reason for that. I decided to spend the day AFK (Away from Keyboard). I read no email. I did no programming. I visited no social media sites. I did no class prep on the computer.

Instead, I went to a swim meet, made stupid choices, read a book, took a nap, and spent time with the family. It was a pleasant day.

I paid for it. I spent an hour and a half this morning cleaning out my inbox [1]. I feel even more behind on my class prep and other activities. I didn’t prepare anything for the SIGCAS pre-SIGCSE workshop [2].

But it was worth it. It was nice to have a quiet day [3]. I hope I can find time for another AFK day sometime soon.

[1] Back to inbox zero!

[2] I’m probably doing too much at SIGCSE as it is.

[3] The drive to the swim meet in the snow wasn’t all that quiet. But other than that, it was quiet.

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