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Weeknight concerts

Today I got a postcard from the Jonathan Richman mailing list. JR does not use computers, so I generally hear about concerts through the mailing list [1]. He’s playing in Cedar Rapids on November 7. That’s a Tuesday night. I teach early on Wednesday mornings.

Sitting on my desk next to the invitation is a flyer for the BoDeans, who are playing in Des Moines on November 9. That’s a Thursday night. I teach early on Friday mornings, too.

So, here are the questions [2].

  1. Am I too old to go to weeknight [3] concerns when they are an hour or more away from home?

  2. If I’m not too old, can I afford (time, sleep, energy) to go to both?

  3. If I only go to one, to which one should I go?

  4. Michelle is on call both Tuesday and Thursday. She likes the BoDeans more than I do. She always enjoys seeing Jonathan Richman. Is it fair to go without her?

  5. If it’s fair to go without her, with whom would I go?

[1] I keep thinking someone will set up an email list, but it may be that he doesn’t allow it.

[2] These are mostly questions for myself. But if you feel a desire to answer, feel free to do so.

[3] Am I the only one who keeps focusing on the knight in weeknight and then wondering whether it’s misspelled?

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