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Questions of the day

With 1300+ alumni back in town, will McNally’s be able to keep enough alcohol in stock?

Given that McNally’s moved about five years ago, will alumni who drink be able to find it?

Will I get into trouble for asking those questions?

What will the effect on donations be when alumni realize that they can’t use Mac field this year?

I have two groups of Tutorial students back on campus: The class of 2011 and the class of 2007. How many alumni will I see from those Tutorials? [1]

Will I ever get to teach Tutorial again? [2]

Given that Senior Showcase is at the high school Friday night and youngest’s birthday is Sunday, when will I see alumni? [3]

What should I say when alums say, It’s clear that you need more faculty. What can I do to help??

Should that question have had two question marks? Why or why not?

How much time do I have to write musings after watching Wonder Woman with my family? [4]

Is that the only question to which I know the answer? [5]

[1] Current count: Three. One CS-major Tutorial student from the class of 2011, one non-CS-major Tutorial student from the class of 2011, and one non-CS-major Tutorial student from the class of 2007. I’m sure that there will be more.

[2] I’d like to. But staffing pressures are such that it’s hard to envision when that will be. I should muse about teaching Tutorial.

[3] I’ll find a way to spend some of my Saturday in the office. Some will find me on Friday.

[4] Not very much if I want to get to bed at a reasonable hour.

[5] Yes.

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