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  1. My family.

  2. My family [1].

  3. My health.

  4. My friends.

  5. My students [2,3].

  6. These essays.

  7. Everything else [4].

I’m behind enough on sleep that I almost fell asleep at the diving competition today and nodded off during the fascinating Grinnell lecture [5]. I’ve been dealing with cold-like symptoms for most of the week. I think I’ve answered all the recent questions I’ve received from students. I have forty exams and forty quizzes to grade this weekend. I therefore sacrifice tonight’s essay for the greater good [6].

[1] Yes, they are important enough that they should be listed twice.

[2] That’s intended as broad, and includes not just students in my classes, but the students who use me as a sounding board, the students who ask me for advice, and more.

[3] My students also includes things like class prep, grading, and such.

[4] I probably missed something that should go between some of the categories above. I’m just not sure what it is.

[5] It really was fascinating; Leslie Lyons is awesome.

[6] I suppose I could have tried the approach I tried in English in high school. We were supposed to journal for a page each day. I wrote my history notes in stanza form, and turned those in, claiming that I was writing poetry. I think it worked for over a month.

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