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Musing too much (or too little)

I started musing about Sedona [1] tonight. I also promised Michelle that I would come to bed by about 10:00 p.m., since I have not been getting enough sleep. Amazingly, those two goals conflict. I have now written 1600 words about Sedona and I’m only about half way through the musing, particularly because I’m discovering even more annoying flaws [2] as I try to explain it to the uninitiated.

I don’t like posting half-written musings. I don’t like posting unedited musings [3]. I hate Sedona [7]. I’m out of time. When you put all of that together you get, well, this musing.

Stay tuned for a longer musing tomorrow.

[1] Sedona is a much-reviled software system for recording faculty activities. Stay tuned for a longer explanation.

[2] For example, I’ve discovered some strange effects when I make a copy of a service entry and then edit the copy. I need to document them more clearly and then submit a bug report.

[3] Yeah, that probably surprises most readers. Perhaps I should rephrase that as I don’t like posting musings that I haven’t read through at least once after spewing them out [4].

[4] Spewing them out is my less-positive term for free writing [5].

[5] It’s not really fair to call what I do free writing, even though I don’t charge, because I have been known to go back and forth in the midst of writing, rather than trying to get everything down at once [6].

[6] Even in a musing as short as this one, I ended up going back and adding two endnotes at the beginning.

[7] I’m not sure that’s relevant, but I was already saying I don’t like about different things, so it seemed appropriate.

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