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Topics/tags: Miscellaneous, silly, short

The other day, I was writing about Grinnell’s MAT-218, a variable-topic course that we generally refer to as Discrete bridges to advanced mathematics. In trying to verify the official name [1], I did a quick Web search. The list of results started with an advertisement for Pig Absorbent Mats.

A Google advertisement that begins 'MAT218 New Pig Absorbent Mats | Buy PIG Absorbent Traffic Mat'

I could not resist writing about that result.

My initial read of the advertisement was that the mats are designed for swine and that I got the ad because, well, I live in Iowa. I even thought about jokes involving the mats absorbing pigs, rather than the mud from pigs. However, it appears that the pig mat is a disposable industrial mat that you put on concrete and other floors to help keep them clean. It even handles forklift traffic!

Still, I’m left to wonder about the relationships between foot traffic, on the one hand, and graphs or number theory, on the other.

[1] I remembered correctly!

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