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A bit of joy (#1246)

Topics/tags: Grinnell, rambly

The other day, I passed by a colleague in Hy-Vee [1]. They saw me before I saw them, and they greeted me enthusiastically. Like most of my colleagues, they are someone whose skills and expertise I value highly. They are also someone I interviewed when they applied to Grinnell. Was I on the search committee? I’m not sure; I can’t recall. But I recall interviewing them. And I’m thrilled they ended up here.

That same day, another colleague passed by my office and stopped to say hi. I think they were just promoted to full professor. They are also someone I interviewed back when they applied to Grinnell. In that case, it was because I was on Grinnell’s executive Council and Council members interview all candidates for tenure-line positions [3]. I didn’t have a lot of role in their hiring beyond that interview, but I still recall the interview.

I contribute to the hires in my department, and I’m happy with the people we’ve hired. Seeing these folks reminds me that I’ve also helped bring some other amazing folks to Grinnell. I suppose it’s one of the advantages of spending so much time at one institution: On occasion, the institution relies on you to help recruit people and you get to see people grow at the institution.

Of course, it’s also great to see others grow. The people you meet in workshops when they are young faculty or staff get tenure, or get promoted, or get new responsibilities, or lead new initiatives, or ….

I get to work with amazing people. I need to remember that whenever I’m frustrated at this institution. It’s good to spend a career at one place. And, in general, Grinnell’s been a good place to spend my career.

[1] Hy-Vee is a grocery chain with stores in Iowa. It’s also one of the three primary grocery stores in Grinnell [2].

[2] Four, if you count Walmart.

[3] Two Council members interview each candidate. Having all of the Council interview them would be excessive.

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