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CS department initials, acronyms, and abbreviations

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The other day, I was writing a note and using the initials of some of my colleagues. As I did so, I realized that many of us have initials that have everyday other meanings. Here are the ones that immediately came to mind.

  • CC: Carbon copy. Or perhaps Creative Commons.
  • HW: Homework.
  • AV: Audio/Visual.
  • SR: Senior.
  • PM: Personal message. Also evening.
  • PO: Upset.
  • JS: JavaScript.

What about JW? Nothing immediately came to mind. But the InterWeb tells me that it could be Jehovah’s Witness or Just Wondering [1].

In our family, we have a Senior and a Mister and a Junior and a Doctor [3]. The last of us? They seem to be a Wide Receiver [4].

How common is it that initials [5] serve as acronyms or abbreviations?
I have no idea.

[1] I suppose if I was hip to the text message lingo, I would have known that [2].

[2] I expect that hip, text message, and lingo are all dated terms, which probably proves my point.

[3] SR, MR, JR, DR.

[4] WR.

[5] Or perhaps any pair of letters.

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