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Salary reviews

I win! (I think) (Musing #464)

Counting courses for my salary review.

Triennial salary reviews (Musing #465)

Some background.

I was wrong (Musing #466)

A correction to I win!

Whine, whine, whine (or An introduction to my triennial review) (Musing #470)

Context for the other review statements.

A teaching statement for my triennial review (Musing #471)

The core of what I do, summarized in a few paragraphs.

A statement on scholarship for my triennial review (Musing #473)

Some other stuff I do, also summarized in a few paragraphs.

A statement on other significant activities for my triennial review (Musing #474)

Musing and complaining. (It’s their fault; they asked.)

Assorted sections from my salary review (Musing #476)

A few remaining materials.

Rating myself (Musing #477)

Trying to figure out what score I think I deserve.

Another (not-quite) triennial salary review (Musing #1168)

This one is quadrennial!