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Registration and Related Topics

In these musings (and the occasional rant), I reflect on issues surrounding the registration process at Grinnell.

Preregistration (Essay #147)

Thoughts on preregistration at Grinnell, written soon after preregistration period for spring 2017.

Preregistration (for Fall 2017) (Musing #302)

What courses over-enroll?

Cuts, closes, and balances for Fall 2017 (Musing #312)

The aftermath of preregistration.

Open slots in Fall 2017 introductory courses (Musing #315)

More on the aftermath of preregistration.

Midway through preregistration for spring 2018 (Musing #484)

Where do I stand?

Preregistration for Fall 2018 (Musing #613)

Sam reflects on the preregistration numbers.

Updates on preregistration for fall 2018 (Musing #620)

Sam reflects on the updated preregistration numbers.

Registration for first-year students (Musing #736)

Our fascinating process.

The JRSR and SNRS course designations (Musing #806)

Why don’t we offer more sections of Intro Linguistics?

Reflections on preregistration data for spring 2019 (Musing #811)

What classes did students select?

Cut, close, balance (Musing #813)

What happens after preregistration.

Preregistration for Spring 2020 (Musing #927)

Over-enrolled classes, popular times, and other reflections.

Cuts, Closes, and Balances in CS for Spring 2020 (Musing #928)

Some notes on how I think about the challenges of CCB.

Post-preregistration for spring 2020 (Musing #978)

There must be some point to doing all this analysis.

Post-preregistration for fall 2020 (Musing #1054)

Reflections on some over-enrolled courses.

After the cuts, the closes, the balancing acts (for Fall 2020) (Musing #1066)

Pointless or not?

Preregistration for Spring 2021 (Musing #1110)

A musing both expected and unexpected.

Preregistration for Fall 2021 (Musing #1136)

A return to normalcy?

Post-Preregistration for Fall 2021: The Effects of CCB (Musing #1141)

The pain! The pain!

Cuts, Closes, and Balances, Continued (Musing #1144)

Some direct effects.