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Electronic mail

Musings about my experiences with electronic mail (and related issues). The majority are about my attempt to achieve and maintain the legendary status of inbox zero.

Inbox zero, stage one (Essay #189)

Initial notes on my attempt to reach inbox zero.

Inbox zero, stage two (Essay #191)

A day in which Sam archives most of his email, and watches his mail reader screw everything up.

Inbox zero, stage three (Essay #192)

Sam tries to recover, and manages to get most of his email archive moved out of the inbox.

Inbox zero, stage four (Essay #193)

Sam achieves zerosity.

Inbox zero, stage five (Essay #201)

Sam maintains zerosity (or fewosity).

Inbox zero, stage six (Essay #229)

Sam loses to the computer juggernaut

Inbox zero, stage seven (the story resumes) (Musing #267)

Sam resumes his quest.

Inbox zero, stage 8 (email bankruptcy) (Musing #298)

Although the prior resumption was a failure, Sam tries again.

Sam, you are on too many mailing lists (Essay #254)

Some of the reasons Inbox zero is difficult.

Inbox zero, revisited, phase one (Musing #671)

Starting again, a bit more than a year later.

Inbox zero, revisited, phase two (Musing #673)

Learning to unsubscribe.

Getting confused by email notifications (Musing #683)

Learning to check dates.

Inbox zero, revisited, stage 3 (Musing #689)

Email builds up way too quickly.

Inbox zero, revisited, stage 4 (Musing #694)

I’d be overwhelmed with that many unread messages in my inbox. Yeah, me too.

Inbox zero, revisited, stage five (Musing #703)

Things continue to spiral out of control.