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I’m back!

As most of my readers can tell, I ended up taking a two-week-or-so break from musing. Why? The first week I was reading AP exams [1,2] and found it hard to think about anything besides those exams. The second week was our first annual elementary school Craft of Code camp, and after the nine-hour days with kids, I didn’t have a lot of energy left for musing. Perhaps as importantly, because I had fallen out of the habit of posting daily musings, I generally didn’t remember.

But I’ve now gotten through two weeks without musing, and I miss it. So I’m back. I have a variety of musings planned. I have at least one left about reading AP exams. I should write one on the code camps. While I was reading AP exams, I took some notes about being an introvert. Today, as I was working on a variety of tasks, I found my tasks cascading. I’ll take notes today and probably finish that one tomorrow. So, stay tuned for a variety of musings [3]!

[1] Reading is an alternative term for grading.

[2] And, well, I was really serving as table leader, which meant that I was helping others read AP exams.

[3] Feel free to suggest topics, too.

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