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A great quotation

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Once in a while, I start reading a Web comic. A few weeks ago, I started reading Bad Machinery because it was nominated for some award or other. I’m still not sure how I feel about the strip; there’s a clear British school focus and the introduction went on a bit long, and I haven’t found myself really particularly enamored of any of the character yet. But some parts are really awesome.

Here’s one of them.

In one strip, Shauna, one of the main characters, is picked up by her stepfather [1]. After some discussion, they turn to the issue of the music he’s playing.

What’s this rubbish we’re listening to?

The Velvet Underground.

It’s nice that you gave some money to people just playing music for the first time.

Explaining why I love that quotation feels like explaining a joke; once you have to explain it, it’s not so funny (or powerful) any more. If you know the VU and the bands they inspired, it makes perfect sense. If you don’t, go listen. I’d recommend starting with their first real album, The Velvet Underground and Nico [2]. Some highlights are Venus in Furs, Heroin, and I’m Waiting for the Man. But all of the songs are great.

[1] At least I think it’s her stepfather. It’s been about two months since I read the strip.

[2] I was recently talking to an art salesman who said something like The really great artists master multiple forms of media. I said, Yeah, Warhol even produced some really amazing music [3]. I don’t think he knew what I was referencing. And the cover is great pop art, too.

[3] Yes, I know that Warhol didn’t really produce the album. It’s still worth pretending.

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