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A gift to myself

Dear Sam [1],

Given your recent essay on your difficulty setting up course sites, I expect that you are still a bit behind. You’ve been a good and diligent writer for these past few months, so I give you permission to make tonight’s essay a short note to yourself, exempting you from having to write a longer essay.

Good luck on catching up! I look forward to encouraging you to write about the new course sites [3], about your start-of-semester mid-career reflections with the legendary Karla Erickson, about the large number of people in the queue of Grinnellians to write about [4], and so much more. But for now, I think you should focus on your classes and your paperwork.


Your Muse

p.s. Sorry that I still encouraged you to write too many endnotes. At least they are short.

[1] Alternately: SamR, or S.A [2], or Rebelsky, or Samwise, or Spamwise, or DPR2, or Alex, whatever you’re calling yourself this week.

[2] Which you seem to pronounce essay.

[3] Once they are built.

[4] Including Karla [5]!

[5] And the other Karla, too!

Version 1.0 of 2017-01-24.