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Fall broken

Fall break is now over. As you may recall, I had more work to do during fall break than I thought was possible. It turns out I got even less work done than I expected.

Cleaning. Work office: Yes (or at least enough). Downstairs at home: Mostly. Home office: Nope. Dying hard drive: Partially. Lab: Not at all.

Grading. A bit. But I didn’t finish the CSC 151 exams or the CSC 301 exams or the CSC 301 backlog or the CSC 321 backlog or ….

Relaxation. I read two chapters of a book. I binge watched two or three series on Netflix [1], but I was working while binge watching. Does that count?

Class prep. I have most of CSC 301 prepped for this week. I got slightly more than one week of readings and labs written for CSC 151. I’d planned for two. I have the structure of CSC 322 ready. I did not design the project for CSC 151, which I really wanted to finish during break. I did not get the site-building software updated for CSC 151.

College paperwork. I got 90% of my salary review written. I got 70% of the other big document written. I produced a report for the Registrar. I wrote too many emails and other notes that I cannot share. I certainly spent more time on those other emails and notes than I planned [2]. I also finished the reports on Tapia and GHC [3].

Other professional responsibilities. SIGCSE reviewing did not get done. I’ll need to do it this week. I made progress on the SIGCSE student volunteers database, but less than I had planned. Because we’re in a transition period, the prior DB admin has to make some changes before I can do anything else. I did not get the SIGCAS Web site updated. Most of those are full-day projects, as is each class’s grading. I wonder when I can find time.

Musing. I didn’t muse every day, but I mused. And it looks like I’m able to keep musing. Yay!

So, I’m now at the stage in which I still have a few big grading projects to go, a few big other projects to go, and I’m back in the thick of classes and advising. And I know that there are other things I’ve forgotten. As usually, fall break has broken me. Fortunately, fall broken sounds positive, so I’ll take it that way.

[1] About 2/3 of the first season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. All eight episodes of Atypical. Two episodes of Schitt’s Creek. (I’m not sure why.) Three episodes of The Big Bang Theory (with Daniel).

[2] One set of emails put me in such a foul mood that I got essentially nothing else done that day.

[3] That reminds me! I need to send those out. Maybe tomorrow.

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