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Facebook reminders

Topics/themes: overcommitment, workaholism, family, Facebook

In a recent musing on workaholism, I mentioned some of the things that I miss because of my job. A few weeks later, Facebook decided to remind me about one of those things.

March 3, 2012. Things that suck about being at a conference: Missing Jonathan’s jazz band performance (William and Michelle sent me clips) and William’s too many bit parts in the musical (but I can watch the DVD).

It may be six years too late, but I’ve realized that it’s time to rethink my priorities. I’ve started. This year I got to see Daniel’s performances in the musical and some of Jonathan’s performances in Singers. Today I went to a three-hour tennis match in the cold rather than a variety of events on campus [1]. I just need to continue to remember my priorities next spring, when the normal SIGCSE-vs-performances conflict happens.

[1] Let’s see … We had a talk in CS extras, a talk by Marlon James, a concert by the UofC A Capella choir, and some other things that I know were on my list of potential activities. I still think I made the right decision.

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