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Experiencing SamR

Over the past week or so, I’ve heard two nearly opposite descriptions of what it’s like to work with me. I’ve heard that I am inappropriately relentless. I’ve heard that people dread getting email or letters from me. But I’ve also heard that I’m valued partner [1] and that I bring a positive attitude and smile to what I do.

So, why do people experience me so differently? I’m the same person in all cases. I’ve been just as relentless with the people who consider me a valued partner as those who dread hearing from me. As I reflect on the question, I think there are at least two issues at hand. First, it may be that I don’t share values with some of the people who dread hearing from me. For whatever reason, I value different things about the College or the world than they do. One clear difference is that I seem to care more about precision in language than others. Second, it may be that these people don’t understand that most of what I complain about, I complain about for the benefit of the students and institution I so highly value.

Alternately, why do people consider me a valued partner? Probably because I do work hard to make the College better and I do try to support colleagues in the work they do. Folks in a wide variety of offices on campus work hard for our students, and I appreciate it.

Why do the two sets of people view me differently? I’ll probably never understand.

[1] I’ve been called a valued partner by at least four different offices on campus in the past week or so.

Version 1.0 of 2017-10-20.