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Dumb cooking mistakes

Tonight, as I was looking through my list of potential musings, one caught my eye. Here’s what it read.

Biscuit pizza on plastic tray. (Dumb things I did in my young adulthood.)

I was a bit puzzled by the entry. It’s not that I forget what it’s about; I remember that clearly. Rather, I’m struggling to remember why it was on my list of potential musings.

But, hey, the entry was there and it has been a long day [1]. Therefore, in tonight’s musing, I’m going to expand that one line.

Back when I was in college, one of my favorite snacks to make for parties was biscuit pizza [2]. You buy Pillsbury or other biscuits. You flatten them. You cover them with tomato sauce, some oregano, mozzarella cheese, and whatever else comes to mind. It’s quick, easy, and tastes moderately good.

But there was one night things didn’t go so well. I’d been drinking [3]. Not a lot, but enough that I wasn’t paying as close attention to what I was doing as I should have been. And, well, we had this black plastic serving tray that was made from really heavy/dense plastic. And it was the same size and shape as a jelly roll tray [4]. So, when I intended to make biscuits for a group of friends, we got a bit of smoke in the apartment. Fortunately, we had a back porch, so the scorched (but, surprisingly, not melted) tray went out the back door.

Is that the stupidest thing I did as a young adult? Probably not. Is it the stupidest thing I did while slightly intoxicated. I can’t remember doing anything else less sensible [5,6].

But you know what? I miss that tray! [7]

Postscript: I had hoped that by writing this musing, I would remember why I had included it on a list of potential musing. But I can’t remember. Oh well. It’s done. If I ever remember, I may write a followup.

Postscript: Someone reminded me. I had sent a note to Adrienne Hardin in which I promised to write about biscuit pizzas. But I don’t remember why I promised.

[1] Today started at 7:20 a.m. It is now after 11:00 p.m. I took a break for a twenty-minute dinner and fifteen minutes of fun.

[2] I was also fond of making hamburgers with garlic when I got home from work at 6 a.m. At some point, I also adopted my roommate’s baked pancake recipe. I also made a lot of cookies, using a variant of the fake Mrs. Fields recipe that was popular at the time. I’m not sure what else I cooked while I was in college. Perhaps one of my roommates remembers.

[3] It should not be a surprise that I drank while in college.

[4] Think cookie sheet with sides.

[5] No jokes allowed. I do actually remember most of what I do when I’m drunk, and certainly when I’m only moderately tipsy.

[6] Nonetheless, Michelle probably remembers some things.

[7] I also miss that apartment. I only lived there a few years, with two different sets of roommates, but it was definitely home. I drove by the building recently, and it looks like K&G, or whoever bought it, spruced it up.

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