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Dorm departures

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One of the disadvantages of being on sabbatical is that I am less aware of what is happening on campus [1]. I don’t always get the Scarlet and Black and I don’t hear as much from students and colleagues because I don’t see nearly as many students or colleagues. But occasionally one of them sends me something of interest. Recently, one pointed me to an article in the S&B. My colleague and the article pointed out a new addition to the Student Handbook.

Non-graduates are required to check-out within 24 hours of their last final exam; Graduates are required to checkout by noon the day after Commencement. [2]

I understand why folks in the administration thought things needed to change; as the S&B article suggests, some students who finished their work early in the spring were less than responsible during the time after they finished and their escapades added burdens to Student Affairs and interfered with the ability of their dorm-mates to do their work [4]. Traditionally, issues like this are handled by techniques of Self Governance and, if necessary, by JudCo [5]. But the administration seems to have gone with a new policy instead.

I had written up a host of concerns I had about the policy and the way it was implemented. But you know what? Our Dean of Students says that the primary goal was student wellness. So, while I may have concerns, I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to air them in public.

What’s happened to me?

p.s. I am heartened by the suggestion in the article that students can apply for an exception so that they can, for example, stay on campus to pick up a few extra dining shifts or stay until the airport shuttles on Friday/Saturday. I hope that the process for applying for an extension is easy.

[1] Maybe that’s an advantage of being on sabbatical.

[2] Grinnell College. 2019. Residence Life Policies and Procedures. Grinnell College 2019-2020 Student Handbook. Available online at [3].

[3] At least it’s currently available at the URL. I’m not sure what happens to old student handbooks on that server.

[4] I know none of this for a fact. I am interpreting from what I read in the article.

[5] Judicial Council.

Version 1.0 released 2019-10-07.

Version 1.0.1. of 2019-10-07.