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Dilly Dilly?

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The other day, I was driving along I-80 and looked up at one of the LED billboards that the state puts up. Here’s what it said,

235 Traffic Deaths This Year

Impaired Driving-

Nip It In The Bud

Dilly Dilly

You can see a picture in a DOT Web page. I’m not sure if it’s real or simulated. I’ve also linked to it below.

A picture of an led billboard that includes "235 TRAFFIC DEATHS THIS YEAR" a horizontal line and "IMPAIRED DRIVING-NIP IT IN THE BUD DILLY DILLY".  Underneath the billboard is the tagline "ZERO Fatalities A Goal We Can All Live With"

I understand the desire to encourage people to encourage people to drive safely, but dilly, dilly? What were they thinking? And what does it mean?

I could not remember where I’d heard the phrase. It appears that it’s just that I don’t watch enough sporting events. With not much effort, I found that it’s from a Bud Light commercial that implies that spiced mead wine is less welcome than the comparatively tasteless swill [1] that is Bud Light. And yes, I’d seen the commercial; it’s almost certainly where I’d heard the phrase before.

Now I’m left to wonder, Did Budweiser sponsor this message?

Postscript: I’m also left to ask myself whether it would be a bad idea to comment about the Budweiser affiliation on the DOT Web site. Probably. It’s not a good idea to make the State mad.

Postscript: For a short musing, this one took way too long to write.

[1] Feel free to fill in your own description of Bud Light.

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