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Corn Mazes (#1204)

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Back when we first came to Iowa, twenty-five years or so ago, Michelle and I discovered corn mazes. What are corn mazes?, you might ask (at least if you’re not from the Midwest). They are what they sound like: Someone cuts a maze into a field of corn. Some corn mazes are small, some are larger.

It might seem trivial to go through a corn maze. But corn is tall. And cornfields are dense. Plus, people of my generation have encountered way too many horror films that involve corn. So it’s a bit more nerve wracking than you might expect (or than I expected).

I’ve always wondered what led to corn mazes.

The other day, I heard Dean Montgomery talk about the three sisters: climbing beans, squash, and corn (maize).

And I finally understood.

Or I think I did.

Corn mazes are either (a) a really bad pun or (b) someone misunderstanding the phrase corn (maize) and deciding to implement that phrase.

In any case, maize mazes (or mazes of maize) can be amazing.

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