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A coat and tie

Every five or so years, I decide to wear a sport coat and tie to work each day. There’s usually no particular motivating factor; something in my brain says You should wear a coat and a tie. I like ties; I can wear bright and flashy things [1] and I get to cut off the flow of oxygen to my brain [2]. I find life more pleasant that way.

I’m always interested to hear how people react. Are you meeting with someone? Nope, I just decided to wear a coat and tie. Why are you wearing a suit? I’m not. It’s a sport coat [3]. What’s the special occasion? There isn’t one.

Best of all, My, you look dapper today.

That seems to be the wrong d-word. I’m pretty sure that I’m just differently disheveled.

[1] I like ties with complex and non-regular patterns.

[2] At least that’s what I claim.

[3] I don’t claim to understand the terminology for women’s fashion; I shouldn’t be surprised that others don’t know the terminology for mine.

Version 1.0 of 2018-01-30.