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The fix ain’t in (#1240)

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A little more than a week ago, the NBA Conference Finals began. At the time, several people posted on sports sites that the fix is in. After all, in a year in which every player is wearing #6 on their jersey, what could be better than an NBA Finals between the most storied team in the NBA and their arch-rivals, the mongrel dogs (formerly from Minnesota) [1]? It’s clear that the NBA, broadcasters, and fans would love a Green and Yellow [2] finals. Most of all, a Celtics victory would have been a great tribute to the legendary Bill Russell.

It is now the day of the fourth game in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Celts are down 3-0 to the Hatred, Extremism, Antihumanism, and Terror that emanate from DeSantis Land. Last night, LA lost the Western Conference Finals 4-0 to the Nuggets. The odds are that the Eastern Conference Finals will end tonight or, if we’re lucky, in game 5.

I know Yogi the Berra said It ain’t over until it’s over. He was wrong. It’s over.

Either the fix wasn’t in, or the fixers are broken.

Postscript: I hate to say it, but I found Anthony Davis’s shot blocking in the conference semifinals and finals a fitting tribute to Russell.

[1] LA lacks lakes. Calling them the LA Lakers is, therefore, nonsensical. It should be the LA Curs. At times, they even act like mangy wild dogs.

[2] Purple?

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