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I’ve calmed down [1]. I think it’s time to issue some apologies. Some of these are also going out via email.

Dear Dean Latham,

I’ve been fairly aggressive about budgetary issues in recent weeks, particularly with regards to staffing. I’m sorry. I know that you care deeply about Grinnell’s academic program and that you are doing your best to support it. I expect that you are equally frustrated by financial limitations, and I should not take my own frustrations out on you.

Thank you for your hard work for the College.

With fond regards,

– SamR

Dear CIO Robinson,

I’ve been very critical of Proofpoint. Recent events, such as the Googledocs social hack, show that the link filtering is necessary. You were right; I’m sorry for my active criticism. Although it makes my work more difficult, that difficulty is trumped by the safety of our systems. I do hope, however, that you will continue to push Proofpoint to make their system better.


– SamR

Dear Sarah and Donna and Adrienne [2],

I’ve been complaining a lot about our Web site, particularly with regards to accessibility issues. I know that you care deeply about these issues and I apologize that you have to bear the brunt of my complaints. Thank you, very much, for your hard work for the College on these and other issues.


– SamR

Dear select other Communications staff,

You have a legal and a moral responsibility to make sure that what you post to our site is accessible and that you consider accessibility when you contract work out to others. I’m sorry that you don’t understand those responsibilities [3].

– SamR

Dear Staff Members,

I complain about a lot of things to you (and hopefully not at you). I do not always properly acknowledge all that you, and I certainly don’t sufficiently acknowledge my privilege, particularly in terms of compensation and raises. I apologize for that.


– SamR

Dear Students,

About a year ago, Janet Davis shared a great picture with me. It said something like the following like the following:

If I like you, I’ll make snarky and cutting comments to you. If I don’t like you, I’ll treat you with politeness. Do I perhaps have something backwards?

Given my normal demeanor in class, I think you know how I feel about you. (And if you’re not sure, I think I’ve set a record for snarkiness this year.)

I’m sorry. I’ll do my best to be better [4].

– SamR

Dear Family,

I love you more than anything. See the previous apology.

I’m also sorry that my work takes me away from you and that it makes me neglect my own health. I want to be with you for a long time and will work on it.


– SamR

[1] A bit.

[2] Adrienne: Sorry for forgetting you in the original version of this musing. I was not intending to target you in the next apology. I know that you are thoughtful about these issues.

[3] Hey, I have to be my curmudgeonly self once in a while.

[4] Historical evidence suggests that I’ll fail.

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