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Another month of (almost) daily musings

Topics/tags: End-of-month musings, short

You may be puzzled by the second tag in today’s musing. Typically, my end-of-month musings [1] are long and rambly. But it doesn’t feel like this one will be that way. This month has been a difficult one. When weekends come [3], I’m not generally up for musing. I’ve missed a bunch of Friday and Saturday nights and even a few Sunday nights. I’ve made up for it once in a while by writing [4] two musings. In part, it’s that other forms of writing [5] are using up most of my writing energy. In part, it’s that I’ve been fiddling with enough computer issues that doing one more thing on the computer seems hard.

It’s not that I don’t have things to muse about; I do. For example, over the past few days, I’ve accumulated plans to write about a show by The Association [6], a reading by Michael Perry, and Gene Doucette’s The Spaceship Next Door. Perhaps I’ll get to those over the next few days. And Wednesday [7] will almost certainly involve reflections about my second Obermann seminar. At least I hope it will.

Let’s just [8] call it a month in which my muse and I both struggled. Let’s hope that next month goes better.

Postscript: Just because I’ll forget if I don’t record it here: I’ve changed the terms I use in my posts to Twitter and Facebook. Instead of Musing of the day #764 [9], I now use Daily musing #764. I had some reason for making that change, but I can’t remember what it was.

[1] Or, once in a while [2], first-day-of-next-month musings.

[2] Like today.

[3] And some weeknights.

[4] Or completing.

[5] Reviews, administrative documents, FunDHum, etc.

[6] Is Cherish as creepy as Happy Together?

[7] Or, more likely, Thursday.

[8] Dear Grammarly: I understand that The phrase just may weaken [my] message. I’m leaving it there.

[9] Or whatever number.

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