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Our 2^5 anniversary

Topics/tags: Autobiographical, short

Today is Michelle and my 2^5’th anniversary. That’s 32nd for those of you who don’t speak math [1]. I feel very fortunate to be married to such a wonderful woman. What makes her wonderful? So many different things: She’s passionate about the things she does, she’s thoughtful, she’s willing to speak her mind, she’s caring to a wide variety of people, and so much more.

I also feel fortunate about our partnership. We collaborate well in the things we do. We share responsibilities and we generally step in when the other one is busy. For example, I tend to do more of the shopping and Michelle tends to do more of the planning. We’ve traded off bill paying over the years.

I’m amazed that she puts up with me. Those who know me know that I’m a hoarder, that I tend to overcommit, that I can tune out at times, that I make too many bad jokes, that I’m too persnickety about some issues, and many other characteristics of which I’m probably unaware. She deals with all of those, and so much more. Thank you Micki!

I’m perhaps most happy with the three children we’ve raised together. They are all amazing young men. As I look at them, it’s clear to me that we’ve both contributed to what they’ve become; I don’t think either of us would have done as good a job without the other. In any case, I look forward to seeing what they become.

In the end, all I have to say is

Happy 2^5 anniversary, Micki! I love you and I look forward to our 2^6!

[1] Or 00100000 for those who speak eight-bit binary.

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