CS Behind the Curtain (CS195 2003S)

CS195 2003S At A Glance

This is an abbreviated course syllabus. Like everything else in this course, it is likely to change.

Weeks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, break, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.

Week 1: Preliminaries
(01) Monday, 20 January 2003
Topics: Definitions: Computer science, computer programming, computing, algorithm, and more. Course basics. Getting started with the ECA. Administrative issues.
Assignments: Scan through the various administrative handouts (due Tue). Fill out the introductory survey (due Tue). Take the administrivia quiz (due Tue). Read Gries 0-1 (due Tue). Homework 0: Binary Search (due noon Tue).
(02) Tuesday, 21 January 2003
Binary Search
Topics: Binary Search Assertions Logic and More
Due: Gries 0-1
(03) Wednesday, 22 January 2003
Program Verification
Assignments: Homework 2: Evalauting Boolean Propositions (due Tue). Due: Homework 1: Binary Search, Revisited.
(04) Friday, 24 January 2003
The Structure of a Computer
Topics: What is a computer? Key operations Some simple programs
Assignments: Read K&R 1 (due Mon). Read Gries 2 (due Tue).
Week 2: C Fundamentals
(05) Monday, 27 January 2003
An Introduction to C
Topics: Three sample programs. A notation for instructions. Three sample programs, revisited. An introduction to C. C vs. Java.
Assignments: Read Gries 2 (due Tue).
(06) Tuesday, 28 January 2003
Working with Boolean Expressions
Topics: Review: The need for proof. Key aids to proof: Laws and Rules. Twelve Basic Laws. The Rule of Substitution. The Rule of Transitivity.
Due: Gries 2 Homework 2 Assignments: Homework 3: Simple Boolean Proofs.
(07) Wednesday, 29 January 2003
An Introduction to C, Continued
Topics: Lab: An Introduction to C. Reflection.
(08) Friday, 31 January 2003
An Introduction to C, Concluded
Topics: Lab: An Introduction to Arrays. Reflection.
Due: Homework 3: Simple Boolean Proofs. Assignments: Representing Integers.
Week 3: Types
(09) Monday, 3 February 2003
Representing Integers
Topics: Binary representation. Unsigned binary integers. Computing with unsigned binary integers. Signed binary integers. Computing with signed binary integers.
Assignments: Homework 4: Binary to Decimal and Back Again (due Fri). Read Gries, Chapter 4 (due Tue). Read IEEE Floating Point Representation.
(10) Tuesday, 4 February 2003
Topics: Expanding our worldview: Numbers and Predicates. Evalutaing Predicates. Three-Valued Boolean Logic and Short-Circuit Conditionals. Quantification. Bound and Unbound Variables. Substittuion.
Due: Gries 4 Assignments: Read IEEE Floating Point Representation.
(11) Wednesday, 5 February 2003
Topics: Expanding our worldview: Numbers and Predicates. Evalutaing Predicates. Three-Valued Boolean Logic and Short-Circuit Conditionals. Quantification. Bound and Unbound Variables. Substittuion.
(12) Friday, 7 February 2003
Representing Real Numbers
Topics: Real numbers. Method one: Rationals. Method two: Fixed precision. Method three: Floating point. Basics of the IEEE Standard. Some Special Cases. Learning from Java.
Due: Homework 4. Assignments: Read K&R, Chapter 2.
Week 4: Types in C
(13) Monday, 10 February 2003
Fundamental Types in C
Topics: Integer types. Real types. Arithmetic operations. Enumerated types. Lab.
(14) Tuesday, 11 February 2003
Bitwise Operations
Topics: C's Bitwise Operations. Using C's Bitwise Operations. Lab.
Assignments: Read K&R 6.1, 6.7, 6.8, and 6.9.
(15) Wednesday, 12 February 2003
Compound and User-Defined Types in C
Topics: Structures. Unions. Naming Types. Lab.
Assignments: Read appendix B.3 of K& R. Scan the manual pages for those string procedures.
(16) Friday, 14 February 2003
Topics: Representing strings in C. Important string procedures. Lab.
Assignments: Read K&R, Chapter 5. Read Gries, Chapter 5.
Week 5: Arrays and Pointers
(17) Monday, 17 February 2003
Array Basics
Topics: Representing arrays. Representing multi-dimensional arrays. Key array operations. Lab.
Assignments: Read Gries, Chapter 5.
(18) Tuesday, 18 February 2003
Array Assertions
Topics: What is an array? Additional perspectives. More notation. Multidimensional arrays. Array diagrams. Partitioning.
Due: Gries 5.
(19) Wednesday, 19 February 2003
Pointer Basics
Topics: Pointers. Pointers in C. Basic Operations. Memory allocation.
(20) Friday, 21 February 2003
Pointer Lab
Topics: Quick review. Lab on Pointers.
Assignments: Read K&R on Functions.
Week 6: Functions
(21) Monday, 24 February 2003
Function Basics
Topics: Functions in C. C functions vs. Java funtions. Lab.
Assignments: Read Gries, Chapter 6.
(22) Tuesday, 25 February 2003
Program Documentation
Topics: Using Assertions. Notation. Assertions about Assignments. Assertions about Sorting.
Due: Gries 6.
(23) Wednesday, 26 February 2003
Asymptotic Analysis
Assignments: Homework 5.
(24) Friday, 28 February 2003
Pointers and Functions
Topics: Detour: #include and #define preprocessor directives. Returning Pointers from Functions. Pointers to Functions. Lab.
Week 7: Input and Output
(25) Monday, 3 March 2003
I/O Basics
(26) Tuesday, 4 March 2003
Weakest Preconditions
Topics: Preconditions, defined. Weakness and strength. Using weakest preconditions.
Due: Gries 7-8. Assignments: Read K&R on files.
(27) Wednesday, 5 March 2003
Topics: The FILE type. Opening files. Reading from files. Writing to files. Lab.
Assignments: Exam 1 (due Friday, 14 March 2003).
(28) Friday, 7 March 2003
Files, Contined
Topics: What's wrong with readLine? What's wrong with the display procedure? Lab.
Due: Homework 5.
Week 8: Miscellaneous
(29) Monday, 10 March 2003
Designing a List Type
Topics: What is a list? Scheme lists. Java lists.
Assignments: Read Gries, Chapter 9.
(30) Tuesday, 11 March 2003
Semantics of Assignment (1)
Topics: Review: Weakest Preconditions. Review: Substitution. Defining simple assignment. Some variations. Defining multiple assignment.
Due: Gries 9.
(31) Wednesday, 12 March 2003
Semantics of Assignment (2)
(32) Friday, 14 March 2003
Early Break
Due: Exam 1.
Spring Break
Week 9: Review
(33) Monday, 31 March 2003
Reading Lines (1)
(34) Tuesday, 1 April 2003
Reading Lines (2)
Topics: Testing readLine, continued. Implementing readLine. An efficient exponentiation algorithm. strncpy.
(35) Wednesday, 2 April 2003
Semantics of Conditionals
Topics: A New Form of Conditional. Formal Definition. Example: Max. Example: Largest. An Interesting Theorem.
Due: Gries 10.
(36) Friday, 4 April 2003
Reading Gries
Topics: Background: Why discuss this issue? Background: How do you approach Gries? A basic technique for reading texts. Exercise: Spend ten minutes mapping the chapter. Discussion. Other techniques for reading texts.
Week 10: Linked Lists
(37) Monday, 7 April 2003
Linked Lists (1)
Topics: Review: What is a list? Key linked-list operations. Implementing nodes as records. Implementing key linked-list operations.
Assignments: Think about what procedures you might include in the more imperative list that is simply a collection of values that you can step through one-by-one. I will ask you for your answer tomorrow.
(38) Tuesday, 8 April 2003
A List Wrapper (1)
Topics: From Scheme List to Iterated Collection. A Key Idea: Cursors. Important List Procedures.
Due: Gries 11.
(39) Wednesday, 9 April 2003
A List Wrapper (2)
Assignments: Homework 6: A To-Do List. Read Gries 11.
(40) Friday, 11 April 2003
Semantics of Iteration
Week 11: Other Linked Structures
(41) Monday, 14 April 2003
Extending Linked Lists: Doubly- and Circularly-Linked Lists
Topics: Implementing delete. Doubly-linked lists. Detour: ADTs vs. Data Structures. Circularly-Linked lists.
Assignments: Read Gries 12.
(42) Tuesday, 15 April 2003
(43) Wednesday, 16 April 2003
(44) Friday, 18 April 2003
Semantics of Procedure Calls
Topics: What is a procedure definition? Gries-style procedure definitions. Informal semantics of procedure calls. Formal semantics of procedure calls.
Week 12: Program Development (1)
(45) Monday, 21 April 2003
Sorting Out Sorting
(46) Tuesday, 22 April 2003
Program Mangagement
Topics: Overview. Using Multiple Source Files. Make and Makefiles. CVS.
Due: Homework 6.
(47) Wednesday, 23 April 2003
The C Preprocessor
Topics: Overview of the C Preprocessor. About included files. Using #define. Some silly tricks.
(48) Friday, 25 April 2003
Topics: Introduction to debugging. Offline deubgging. Using print statments. Using assertions. Debuggers
Assignments: Exam 3: Formal Methods
Week 13: Program Development (2)
(49) Monday, 28 April 2003
Program Development, the Gries Perspective
Topics: Plan of the Week. How and Why Gries Wants You to Work. An Example: Cap. Some Rubrics. An Example: Binary Something.
Due: Gries 13-14.
(50) Tuesday, 29 April 2003
From Invariants to Loops
Topics: Form of a loop. Overview of Goals. Checklist for understanding loops. Example: Minimum. Some Principles.
Assignments: Exam 2 Due: Gries 15.
(51) Wednesday, 30 April 2003
Developing Invariants
Topics: Smallest example, continued. Some general principles. Detour: The infinite loop on failure principle. Invariants as simplified postconditions.
Due: Gries 16.
(52) Friday, 2 May 2003
Processes (1)
Topics: Processes in Unix. Pipes. Lab.
Due: Exam 3: Formal Methods
Week 14: Miscellaneous
(53) Monday, 5 May 2003
Processes (2)
Topics: Q&A on Previous Class. Exercise: Forking Multiple Children.
Assignments: Read About End-of-course Evaluations (due Wed). Fill out the development evaluation (distributed in paper form) (due Wed).
(54) Tuesday, 6 May 2003
Processes (3)
Topics: Standard Input and Output. Detour: Command Line. Executing Other Prorams. Exercise.
(55) Wednesday, 7 May 2003
(56) Friday, 9 May 2003



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