Evolution of Technology (TEC 154 2014S) : Outlines

Outline 16: Human Factors (1)

Held: Monday, 24 February 2014

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We begin to consider the use of human factors in the design of technology. We ground our discussion in Norman's approach.

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Side Note: Norman Doors

The doors to the courtyard in the science elbow are a great example of "Norman Doors". I've watched the lead faculty member convince himself they were locked.

Opening: Basic Premises

Scavenger Hunt Activity

Wander through the room, identifying objects, their affordances, their signifiers, their flaws, and possible design improvements. Look for at least two of each of the following:

Some Questions

My previous approach

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the book has changed since the first edition. And the new edition does not necessarily afford the same discussion questions. These old ones are left for eference purposes.

The User Interface of the Book

Norman's Four Principles

Norman's Theses

Open Discussion

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