Evolution of Technology (TEC 154 2014S) : EBoards

TEC 154 2014S, Class 16: Human Factors (1)




Activity: Scavenger hunt

In groups of three, look at things that exist "normally" in this room (so not what you've brought in). Identify at least two of each of the following:

You should not use the computer as an example, but you can use other things on the computer stand.

Debriefing on Scavenger Hunt

Especially good designs.

Especially poor designs.


"Natural" signifiers.

"Artificial" signifiers.

Other things you noted.

Discussion questions

Why are there (such) bad designs?

What is the relative fault when something goes wrong? (Designer vs. user)

Are the issues that Norman raises about the ways in which devices "misbehave" related to Joy's concerns?

Choose your own.

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