Evolution of Technology (TEC 154 2014S) : Handouts

Frequently (and not-so-frequently) Asked Questions

These are my attempts to answer some questions that students have asked (in the first assignment, in office hours, via email, etc.)

Note that there may be some repetition on this page.

About the Course

About the Professor

_It looks like you're teaching five or six courses in spring 2014. Is that really true?

In addition to three four-credit courses, I'm teaching two one-credit courses and supervising an independent study. I have over 100 students this semester, and each of my four-credit courses has daily homework. It's going to be a busy semester.

About the Site

_The daily eboards look much nicer than what you type in class. How do I see what you type in class?

Replace the .html at the end with .md.

_What technology do you use to build the course web?

I use two markup languages. For many of the pages I use a form of XML called Docbook. But Docbook is wordy, so for other pages (e.g., the daily outlines and eboards), I use Markdown. I also have a bunch of scripts to help with all of this. You can find the scripts and source code on GitHub._

About Other Things

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