Functional Problem Solving (CSC 151 2014S) : Handouts

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CSC 151 - Functional Problem Solving w/lab

A lab-based introduction to basic ideas of computer science, including recursion, abstraction, scope and binding, modularity, the design and analysis of algorithms, and the fundamentals of programming in a high-level, functional language. Variable topic course. Includes formal laboratory work.

Prerequisites: None

Spring 2014 Topic: Media Computation

In this section of CSC 151, we will ground our study of functional problem solving in media computation. In particular, we will explore mechanisms for representing, making, and manipulating images. We will consider a variety of models of images based on pixels, basic shapes, and objects that draw. The course will be taught using a workshop style: In most class sessions, students will work collaboratively on a series of problems. Includes formal laboratory work.

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