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CSC151.02 2014S, Class 56: Discussion of Exam 3 and Review for Final




Extra Credit



  1. Write a definition for the map procedure [5 points]

    (define map
      (lambda (fun lst)
        (if (null? lst)
            (cons (fun (car lst)) (map fun (cdr lst))))))
  2. Write a function, squares, that, given n, computes the list (1 4 9 16 ... n^2) [5 points]

    > (squares 5)
    '(1 4 9 16 25)
    > (squares 0)
    > (squares 3)
    '(1 4 9)
    (define squares
      (lambda (n)
        (map square (cdr (iota (+ n 1))))))

Hacking 2048

About the final

Short discussion of exam 3

Some questions about the course

Something I should do differently/better in the fall * Respond more to labs. * Generally not enthusiastic about switching to "what were the big ideas of this lab" writeups, which were recommended by 207. * Do more physical demonstrations of algorithms * Optional "flipped" videos? Good for some, worry about work with others. Watch someone write the code. Talk about some of the small parts. * Don't force partners. Many people will learn more doing it on their own. * Distribute virtual machines earlier. * Focus on lab time. * Exams were challenging; maybe twice as many half as long?

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