Compilers (CS362 2001S)

Class 35: Steps in Compilation, Revisited

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Held Wednesday, April 25, 2001


Today we revist the steps involved in compilation by looking at a more complex program in some more detail.



A Sample Program

Here is a sample Pascal program to compute the factorial of a number entered by the user.

program factorial(input,output);
  var val: integer;
  function factorial(n: integer): integer;
    function helper(n: integer; acc: integer): integer;
    begin { factorial/helper }
      if (n = 0) then
        helper := acc
        helper := helper(n-1, acc*n);
    end; { factorial/helper }
  begin { factorial }
    factorial := helper(n, 1);
  end; { factorial}
begin { program }
  write('Please enter a number: ');
  write('The factorial of ');
  write(' is ');
end. { program }

Generating Intermediate Code

Remaining Steps



Monday, 22 January 2001

Wednesday, 25 April 2001


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