Requested Information for Letters of Recommendation and Other References

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Note: If you ask me to write you a letter of recommendation or to serve as a reference, you are implicitly granting me permission to talk to people about your grades and academic performance.

I've found that a surprising number of students ask me to write letters of recommendation or to serve as a reference for them, even though they may have only taken one course with me, and that may have been an introductory or very large course. (At Grinnell, I don't have really large courses, but at Dartmouth some courses had more than ninety students.) In order to write the strongest possible letter of recommendation or successfully discuss a student with a recruiter, I find that it helps if my students provide me with the following information.

Your note should include:

The final questions I took verbatim from Freda's form. While they are a little odd, we've found the answers students give are often both useful and enlightening.

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