The MediaScript GIMP Plug-In

The MediaScript plug-in for GIMP provides an interactive program development environment, targeted primarily at novices, using a variety of languages (currently PLT Scheme).

The primary version of the MediaScript GIMP Plug-in runs only on the Grinnell College Linux network. On that system, you can access the plug-in as follows:

Remote GIMP at Grinnell

Members of the Grinnell community with fast network connections can run GIMP and MediaScript on a Math/Stats or Computer Science Linux workstation and have the UI appear on their personal computers. You can do so with Microsoft Windows, Linux, or even your Macintosh.

GIMP+MediaScript Builds for Various Platforms

Some versions of GIMP+MediaScript which run on some versions of Mac OS X are available.

We are working on easy-to-install versions for other Linux systems. If you are brave, you can also try to build the GIMP MediaScript plug-in from source.

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