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TEC 154 2014S, Class 36: Technology and the Theatre (Thomas, Theatre/Dance)





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Key Points from SA

Three main points about theatre and technology: 1) Nearly nothing new. 2) A lot of things can be done with ease, speed, and control. 3) Impacts performance style.

Biblical stories used to be told in the form of plays presented to the public of a European town typically in a town square sometime during the dark Ages.

Skipping ahead 500 years --- Theatre moved indoors resulting in the depiction of journeys, portrayed by the hero or heroine moving a lot on the stage. Telling a narrative story of a journey by moving props or people on stage. Gears, pulleys, and stage machinery are hidden and used for moving props.

The challenge of theatre moving indoors was the lack of light. Candles located at front of stage, close to actors. The others were in chandeliers, which hung over the stage and over the audience. The audience was more active in the play and there was more interaction between them and the actors. The evolution of lighting technology led to a certain degree of separation between the actors and the audience.

The ability to project painted/real scenery onto an object using a projector saved a lot of money and labor over the long run. It offered a way to easily control the stage and how it appears.

Theatre Technology

Tracking Scenery

How do we make scenery?


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