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Notes from DS

  1. Looking at the last question on page one, (starts with “In chapter 3, Norman is discussing light switches…) this question emphasizes that functionality does not always reign supreme. Functionality and beauty ARE NOT equally important and this poses a problem. In response to this question, my group implored where is the line drawn between letting one override the other?

  2. Looking at the second question on page two (what is the difference between knowledge…), this question emphasizes the dichotomy between ingrained vs. learnablity. There are many factors that play into something being able to go from one to the other (see chart on page 110).

  3. There is a dynamic between a better understanding of technology and psychology. [And what is that dynamic?]

  4. Signifiers and feedback go hand in hand and feedback plays a much larger role in the creation of technology than we anticipate.

  5. The cheat sheet can be double sided, cannot be typed- unless permission is provided. (pretty valuable information)

Small group discussions

Summarizing Norman

While still in small groups, answer the following

Primary Thesis

The Psychopathology of Everyday Things

The Psychology of Everyday Actions

Knowledge in the Head and in the World

Knowing What to Do - Constraints, Discoverability, and Feedback

Additional issues

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