Evolution of Technology (TEC 154 2014S) : Assignments

Technology Studies Presentation Rubric

Using this form: First fill in short answers (a grade and an optional short comment). After you have filled in the short answers, answer the longer and more reflective questions. On the short questions use plus, check, and minus symbols.

A. Date of Presentation:

B. Presenters:

C. Evaluator:

D. What, in your view, is the thesis of the presentation?



E. What, in your view, were the two or three main points of the presentation?





[    ] F. Did the thesis and main points come across clearly?


[    ] G. How well does the description of the technology and its history lay the groundwork for analyzing the technology?


[    ] H. How well does the analysis of the benefits of the technology support the thesis or argument?


[    ] I. How well does the analysis of problems with the technology support the thesis or argument?


[    ] J. How well do the presenters succeed in acknowledging opposing arguments and countering those arguments?


[    ] K. Did the talk have a compelling conclusion?


[    ] M. Did the talk give you a new way to think about technology?



[    ] N. Is the presentation well organized?


[    ] O. Is the structure easy to follow?


[    ] P. Are the transitions between topics and between speakers smooth?



[    ] Q. Do all team members speak?


[    ] R. Is the presentation well prepared?


[    ] S. How is the presentation style? For example, do the members speak confidently and do presenters make eye contact with the audience members?


[    ] T. Do the presenters answer questions well?


[    ] U. Were you engaged?


Visual Aids

[    ] V. Are the slides easy to read?


[    ] W. How well do the slides complement the oral presentation?


Additional Comments

What were the strongest aspects of this presentation?



What were the weaker aspects of this presentation?



What other authors would you use in analyzing this technology?



Please suggest improvements that the authors might incorporate to write a stronger final paper.





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